Know About Your Churidar Kameez

    Churidar is the Indian Ethic wear and Fashion for centuries. Churidar is a Hindi word. It is derived from a bangle name called ‘Churi’. Since the churidar pants falls into folds in the legs above the ankles, it resembles like bangle churi and So the name churidars. Actually churidar is the native dress of pakistan. During 1947 when India got freedom pakistan was separated from India. At that time some people form pakistan migrated to northern part of India and mostly got settled in Punjab. Hence the Churidars became native dress of Punjabis in India. Churidar Kameez has been an………..(Read More)

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    Hi! I am sorry but the information on churidaar is not completely right. 1)Traditionally churidaars were made …
    Miju Fashion and Crochet Designer
    Miju Fashion and Crochet Designer

    Thank you Rashmi for correcting me

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      Portuguese traditional costumes – As in other countries, Portugal have their traditional costumes that differs by region. And more than we can think, the traditional clothing of a country defines the history and the ancient culture.   Here in Portugal, the peasants wore two different costumes: one for working and one for wearing on Sundays to go to the church or to attend weddings. In this way, we can differentiate who’s the boss and who’s the peasant. But, as I said in the intro, the traditional clothing differs by region. For example, in Madeira they use regional embroideries and hats………..(Read More)

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            In this article let us know about what is Mood board? Uses of mood board and so on. I am sure that this article gives a clear idea of it. Mood – What comes to our mind when we hear this word? Yes, absolutely. It exposes the frame of mind. Likewise Mood board helps a designer to expose their concept and ideas of design development and to converse it. Mood board is created based on a particular theme.                       A mood Board may be said to be a collection of………..(Read More)