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For the times when you rip a part of your closet in a panic because you”don’t have anything to wear ” , the chambray shirts have officially solidified their status as a wardrobe staple for the perfect chic style which can be blended with your favorite apparel the way you like.

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Add diversity to your wardrobe with the perfect balance of classy and dressy with the chambray shirts which are mounting to have become a fashion favorite for a stylish look.



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The chambray shirts are a light weight double ply woven fabric comprised of colored thread and complemented by a bleached horizontal thread. The classic cut of the chambray fabric makes the shirts an all time favorite.


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If you wish to get the ‘cool girl vibe ‘ you can conveniently pair a striped chambray shirt with a tank top and a boyfriend jeans for an easy pop it on and go silhouette . A cool backpack can really add a cool quotient to this look

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Try a round neck chambray with a bright colored skirt. add a statement neck piece . Whoa!  you have a modern look that is perfectly balanced. This is a super chic look for an afternoon lunch with friends. You can also do this over a sequin skirt for a date night!

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The chambray shirts are a casual alternative to a white button shirt and can be worn dresses up to flaunt the runways. These shirts are charming enough to be tottered into the vogue and it is the apt chic twist that all you sizzling fashionistas need.


These shirts are immensely versatile , awesome, durable and comfy making them the most desirable attire this season.Their latest designs and hottest colors make them completely irresistible. Would you not wish to add the requisite stroke of modishness to your attire to take on the world?

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