Garment Fetish

Clothing fetish or garment fetish is a method of clothing and a gathering of outfits that materialize as partition of a fashion or someone dressed in such an item of clothing.

The one who displays a fashion fetish may be provoked by the prospect of a personality wearing an exacting garment or by trying the garment oneself which can be for the reason that of the appearance one accomplishes by wearing it or the manner it considers while it is being worn out.

Fetish Costume

Afterward the excitement may possibly initiate from the technique its fabric sense or from the mode that the garment feels and purpose as whole.

While approximately any article of clothing in supposition can be the focus of fetish clothing, general clothing fetishes comprises footwear, female underwear and standardized. An extensive collection of additional garments have been the matter of less frequent fetishes.

Apart from fetish clothing as a paraphilia are fashion garments worn to develop emergence like tight-fit jeans and other eye catching clothing; in this case, the differentiator is whether for the individual concerned, the clothing is merely respected and originate pleasurable and attractive.

Restrictive clothing

Apparel which confines the wearer’s movement is generally used for this belonging, for the most part among bondage fanatic and it has familiar appearance in bondage-related fetish fashion clothing. Such restrictive fashion in the midst of others includes corsets, hobble skirts and high-heeled footwear particularly ballet boots in tremendous case. Because substance it consists of is what in contemporary western society mostly is in the right place to women’s fashion, male restrictive clothing fetishists can have tribulations in acquiring and using such items without being tagged as transvestites.

Hobble skirts

Lingerie Model wearing full-fashioned stockings with an open-bottom girdle see-through panties and high heels.

A hobble skirt is a long, tight skirt, lengthened below the knees and often ankle length which is so fitted tightly that it is difficult to walk in. When used as fetish clothing, it is frequently made of latex or PVC and occasionally corseted to enhance the restriction.

Such skirts were temporarily a conventional fashion in the period of 1910s; conversely, they were soon discarded as unreasonable. They were rejuvenated in the 1950s by John Willie and others as bondage or fetish style clothing.


Swimwear fetishism is concerning to swimwear. It can also engage printed or electronic substance with swimwear which being worn out.


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