Textile Tech

Textile techniques also includes about the dyeing and its techniques like Tie and Dye, Batik, Printing, Surface ornamentation etc.


Nano Textiles – Development is taking place at a greater speed in every field of technology similarly Textile field is also getting enhanced and numbers of research are taking place.The result of one of such research is Nano Textiles. The term Nano in Nano technology comes from a Greek word “Nanos” which means ‘dwarf‘. The …


Malaysian Batik

Malaysian Batik – Batik is a dyeing method on the cloth, it s an ancient form of art. Batikn Print is a general name provided to the available fabric that was furnished with Batik patterns which actually means of using wax-resist-dyeing process.., If we are producing larger quatity of goods using the same Batik technique …

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