CRISTOBAL BALENCIAGA was till the present an unique and brilliant designer born in Spain. He was interested on pictures of artists of the cubism as Goya and Velazquez. Textiles of Spain were used as reference for the development of the fabrics used in coats and jackets, also embroidery flowers.

Spain fashion designer

He open their own haute couture house in Spain but because of the first war world he moves to Paris and in 1937 open a new house of haute couture where he sat down.

He was as people used to name “the architect of fashion” because as he said he was an architect of lines, sculptor of shapes, artist for colors, musician for the harmony and philosopher on the measures.

The patterns he was so perfect cut that dressmaker tests will not be necessary for him.

That is because of the knowledge of the body of women as an architect as he is named is.

He includes accessories, as lenses, hats, shoes, bags, etc. He considers that accessories are necessary for women total to have perfectly finished appearance.

He also take of Japanese characteristics the neck discovered as an sex apparel important and relevant detail for the time he was designing as a revolutionary dressmaker.

He prefers heavy fabrics with jewelry and embroidery on dresses. Specially performed on black dresses. That was the color he prefers. The cutting high-waisted, the falls as a tunics, the dress type jacket, the balloon skirts, coats with batwing sleeves, three-quarters long sleeves, drooping shoulders, nipped waist were the features that stood out with its futuristic idea and cubism art.

He was indirectly the teacher of designers as Ungaro, and Givenchy as well.

Balenciaga lived for their customs and the object for him was get beauty to women.

Spain fashion collections

He developed a new depurate lines while fetching classic silhouettes. Also work on some concepts influenced on cubism art, that brings to him the spirit of the creations on accessories that has an geometrical identity.

CRISTOBAL BALENCIAGA brings a new tailoring with some different characteristic as well Japanese kimonos neck, and the game of doing volumes at the coats principal. Also de balloon shape of the dress games with volume too.

In 1997 the designer Nicolas Ghesquiere becomes the head of the firm Balenciaga.

Playing with volumes as his master Balenciaga he start recreating the spirit of Spanish couturier with the idea of ​​giving comfort to the woman giving them much more freedom.

Now a day is Alexander Wang an American designer who took command of the maison Balenciaga.

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