Princess Cut Blouse: Do it yourself Hacks!

Every lady wants to feel like a princess and what better way than to wear a traditional princess cut blouse swathing the splendor around the body. This is the most adaptable neck blueprint that carries out both conservative as well as current essentials in terms of style. This is the rationale; you’ll find this chemise neck design on the foremost fashion runways garnering appreciation. From every actress to every model and every fashionista adorns this style for her lehenga’s and sarees.

Do it yourself Tips:

If you want to stitch your princess cut blouse on your own then go ahead and follow these simple yet wise tips that can help you chalk out your means of stitching and bring out easy ways to stitch up.


Remember to mark your measurements beforehand. For your reference:-


Measurements for princess cut blouse design- Length: 14.5”, Chest: 36”, Shoulder: 14”, Waist: 30”, Sleeve length: 9”, Round arm: 13”Princess-Line-Directed-From-Neckline-Princess-Cut-Blouse-Design-in-Raglan-Style-1f

  • To sew heading from the neckline: Always opt for the darted saree blouse designs and try selecting the raglan style to stitch the princess cut & your first DIY tip is to opt for the darted saree blouse designs.
  • Next is to create a blueprint of your blouse design on paper. Chalk out the front and back designs on paper and keep in mind the darted raglan style patterns.
  • It is very important that you form the seam and cut off all dart and waist lines to create the perfect pattern.
  • Once you are done with the front bodice, you wouldn’t take much time doing up the back. You simply have to slash off the superfluous dart allowance and divide the two parts.
  • Once you completed that, take the final blueprint of the back bodice on another paper and add the seam allowance at the dart line which would create the princess line.
  • Figure out the neckline, mark the indentation to join and cut the crumbs.
  • For the front bodice, you simply need to fasten all the darts excluding the waist line dart.
  • If you have followed the above steps, the result you are left with would lorange-or-saffron-color-blouse-Princess-Cut-Blouse-Design-in-Raglan-Style-1feave you with a three dimensional stature. To help you get acquainted with the stitching part, the way you connected and slashed off the darts is technically known as dart manipulation.
  • Now, you need to trace the outlines because the darts are now maneuvered into a seam line, however you need to obtain your princess line.
  • Figure out the neckline and add the seam allowance to the final princess seam. Make the final touches and shape the neckline.
  • Again mark the indentations to join and cut the grains. This is known as pattern cutting.
  • You’ll be left with the final front and back patterns. For obtaining this, you will have to cut out the patterns and you will be left with the final princess seam blouse.

It isn’t as difficult as it seems. You have to follow the tips step by step and get in line with the most happening trend; princess cut blouse. Classy & urbane!

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