Sewing Machine TroubleShooting Guide

Sewing Machine TroubleShooting Guide

Sometimes your machine just doesn’t want to cooperate.  The thread breaks, needle bends, or skipped stitches ….  Don’t get frustrated!  Take a deep breath and check out our Sewing Machine TroubleShooting Guide. Symompt Root Cause Corrective Action Sewing machine suddenly stops during sewing. Light is on, and hand wheel can be turned easily by hand. …

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Pattern cad

Cad’s Approach To Pattern Making

Fashion CAD’s revolutionary approach to pattern making guarantees that one can create patterns for their own unique designs that will fit their shape or each of their individual customer’s size and shape. Fashion CAD is an unwavering and mature product which we have now sold into over 50 different countries. “The ability to customize my patterns …

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