Tucking stitches

Brioche Knitting

Brioche knitting is a family of knitting patterns which involving tucked stitches. Tucking stitches are nothing but yarn in excess that are knitted simultaneously with a slip stitch from the previous row. Those stitches may also be produced by knitting into the row below (correspondent to the slipped stitch) and dropping the stitch above (corresponding …

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Knitting Methods

Cable Knitting

Cable knitting is a technique of knitting, in which surface of crossing layers are completed by reordering the stitches. Methods of Making Cable Knit The stitches traverse behind are relocate to a tiny cable needle for storage whereas the stitches passing in front or following are knitted. The previous stitches are then transferred back to …

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woven and knit Fabrics

Fabric Formation: Knitting, Weaving Process

Clothing is essential for everyone. Clothing can be worn for covering the body, for climatic conditions like warmness or coolness, personality improvement and occasionally to exhibit one’s position in the society. From the extensive clothing manufacturer and commercial to the seller and the end-user, the customer, each and every one considers apparel as main thing. …

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