Basic guidelines for stitching a men’s formal shirt

Perfect formal shirt fit
Perfect formal shirt fit

One of most important part of a men’s wardrobe is their formal dresses, their suits, pants, trousers, shirts blazers etc which they were in formal parties, daily office wear, get together meets, conferences etc. Every man takes care of his formal dresses more than the casual ones. Thus all the ladies should know stitching a men’s formal shirt perfectly. So that they could stitch for their man and impress them by gifting them their own stitched shirt. But not all are born with the techniques to stitch a shirt. if you know the skills, good enough for you, if not then you must learn them. So if you are also among one of those ladies who want to learn how to stitch a men’s formal shirt and then want to stitch it for him, then this is certainly for you.

Steps in stitching

There are various steps you need to follow in order to stitch a formal shirt for men.  First of all you need to draw a rough sketch of the type of shirt you want to stitch. Measure everything correctly and draw it on paper sheet because this is the first time you will be stitching a shirt, so do not try it directly on the cloth as you might make some mistakes initially.

diagram of men shirt
diagram of men shirt

So first learn how to stitch a perfect men’s formal shirt and then practice it on cloth directly.

So after making your rough layout on the paper separately of every particular part like draw you sleeves separately and your pockets separately and your shirt separately and your collars separately and the pocket flaps separately. Draw everything at a little distance to each other so that when you cut then you have enough space to run your scissors in between your drawings. After you are done with this you need to use a regular scissor to cut them apart. While cutting, you should cut the small pieces first and then the big ones. In this case, you must cut out the pocket flaps to begin with, then your pockets, next comes the sleeves and then the base shirt. Be careful while you are cutting everything out. Sharply cut the edges, the curves and the fine lines.paper draft cutting

After you are ready with all the cuts, next you need to stitch them together to make it a fully fledged formal shirt. First of all you need to learn to stitch the pockets. Keep in mind that pockets will be stitched separately on the base shirt and the pocket flaps will be stitched separately. So stitch them according to the measurement you have made and make sure that they are at equal distance. Then similarly stitch the sleeves and collar to the shirt. Next stitch the buttons and give the final touch-up and finally your men formal shirt is ready. These are the steps of how to stitch a perfect men’s formal shirt and now certainly you would make your man happy with it.

3 thoughts on “Basic guidelines for stitching a men’s formal shirt

  1. Great effort. I was planning of stitching a shirt by myself and you article seems very informative and useful. If you can provide the standad measurements and the markings and cuttings, it will be very helpful

  2. I have bought a sewing machine last year thinking I will be able to stich a shirt for myself. Don’t know if I would ever do it. However, I hope to and hope your post will help me.
    I need a few patterns and how to measure myself.

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