Bring transformation in looks by using kinds of prints

Vital role of prints

Kinds of Prints have come back into trend from an old fashion era; where in the 70’s and 80 printed fabric is was so much in fashion that nearly every age group were dressed in prints. The kinds of prints were used in a fabric which was adored by the celebrities. Printed fabrics have been attracting eyes since a very long time, and the prominence of kinds of prints changes with time, where currently floral prints are high in demand. As floral prints bring a lively look and they suit almost all seasons and you could experiment with the floral prints in making different dress designs. Shift your appearance from plain and go printed to bring an edgy and stylish look to your appearance which makes you look different yet happening.

kinds of prints
kinds of prints

Types of prints

Apart from the floral print, the other prominent form is animal print that is gaining popularity among the crowd on a very large pace; the various animal prints have gained eminence with its showcase by various celebrities. Animal prints are high in demand and they are also being worn out by people on a very large basis which is evident by its demand in the market. Kinds of prints like zebra, leopard, tiger, snake, etc have been the eye candy for all fashion mongers and you should definitely try some of them to make your look a little different from usual. Animal prints are not so common like floral prints, and animal prints are versatile so wearing it to your college, you could also carry such kind of attire in casual parties as well.

kinds of prints
kinds of prints

Other kinds of prints that are high in command are the stripes and different shades and pattern. Stripes of various patterns like vertical, diagonal, horizontal, zig zag, etc have gained status in the current trend, and not only upper but bottom wears in stripes are also found to be in fashion. So stripes could be worn in both upper wears and bottom wears, and you could experiment with your look giving it a new shape which enhances your appearance and your confidence as well by the praises that you receive for your new look.

Apart from floral, animal and stripes print, there is yet another kinds of prints which is found largely worn by celebrities and that is boota prints, this form of small prints on plain base was earlier been used in ladies wears, but currently boota print has also been seen to have been worn by men in their shirts. Printed men’s shirts have gained popularity and there is a new collection emerging out in the market which is full of boota prints.

kinds of prints
boota prints

You should definitely try and go out of the zone to try out prints and add some new style to your look, as you should always keep experimenting with your look as in this way you won’t get bored out of your same old plain look.

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