Intelligent textiles

At the beginning of this century people began to worry about the atmosphere damage.

However this damage was produce directly or indirectly done by the humans.

Because of this their started producing technology on fibers fabrics so that the impact of the damage may decrease.

The strong damage can be limited by artificial fibers of the new type of fabrics used in the garment as well as for women, men, and children.

They all have the same impact damages, so the technical researchers include all kinds of age and sex of people in their research.

Accessories also reach a high position in the purchase of ordinary people.

The marketplace allows access to those articles not required as necessary to live but as a way of improving the quality of life.

Lenses are an example of variety kind of different prices, and of course an luxuries article that could help as a health and beauty as well.

Fashion has democratize as ever was. People can reach those accessories looking for shape, material, comfortable, healthy, sure accessory.

Umbrellas are being increasingly used to prevent skin damage. It could be taken into account when designing them. Umbrellas were used in remote epochs mainly by women; they begin to be seen in the streets. So it can be a fashion item perfectly to develop as an accessory.

Millennium fibers

 Micro fibers, Elastane, seamless garments are some example of textiles used in this millennium. ((Especially on making the undergarments, bathing and sportwear.

_ Breathable, waterproof membranes, ejects body moisture, rain and snow will not affect most users of these garments.

Intelligent textiles (smart textiles)

This fibers change their own condition in response to the action of external physical or chemical stimulus in order to confer benefits to the garment user.

Smart fibers can provide heat, cold, color change shape memory protect from harmful UV rays, fight bacteria, among other wonders of technology of the millennium.

It should be noted that such fibers behave like normal fibers where the stimulus is not acting .

In the future these technologies will be accessible to all people by improving the quality of life in various areas such as employment, security, health, leisure, decoration, etc.

These results can be obtained with subsequent application of certain finishes on fabrics.

Why not include a detail like a embroidery to make that effect?

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