Fashion Strike With Palazzo Pants

Fashion is an industry with a vast historical background with centuries of evolving fashion styles and new fashions being born or dead. 


Among this vast fashion industry, Palazzo pants is a small part. It’s a light material pant which is tight at the waist and widens from there throughout the entire length of the legs and ankles. This wide trouser is best suited for summer wear as it permits the inflow of air in itself and being extremely loose. Though not much worn in winters, this style is often confused with bellbottoms but both of them are very distinct from each other. Becoming a sensation in the 1970’s, it was a fascination with some of the most popular yesteryear actresses like Katherine Hepburn.images (3)

Today in this 21st century Palazzo pants are manufactured by almost all the popular brands like Gucci, Armani, Zara, Giovanni. Boasting of beauty to limitless heights, Palazzos are best suited for women who are tall somewhere around more than 5ft 5”. If you are short then forget about them, they are not meant for you. Recently in this rising summer heat, most of the girls are switching over to Palazzo pants and the reason is its free flow. The best part about these type of pants is that only your waist needs to measure perfectly to fit in and the rest of the garment, just let it flow loose as it is meant to be like that.

To suit yourself with the Indian fashion trends, a short Kurti over your torso and a Palazzo pant below is the best combination to wear. Apart from that some simple jewelry like a pearl set around the neck is the best option along with small pointed female footwear or flat chappals and a classy handbag will act like an icing on the cake.images (2)

To make sure that you are safe with your Palazzo Pants, you need to take care of your surroundings. Since the cloth of such garments are thin and very much weary and loose, they are likely to get entangled maybe to any nail protruding from any wall or any pointed metallic edge if you might be getting down from a commuter bus. If precaution is not taken then the cloth might get torn to a great extent. Considered an old fashion though, still the trousers are sported by many celebrities and popular sensations around the world which is the reason why the Palazzo fashion just doesn’t want to die.images (3)

Bollywood actresses like Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor love wearing this kind of outfit. Since Sonam Kapoor being the female fashion trendsetter of India, many girls all over the country follow on her footsteps when it comes to fashion and styling so Palazzo becoming dormant in India is totally out of question. Every year in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, there is always three or four fashion models that adore Palazzo Pant and walk gracefully all along the ramp.

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