Gujarati wedding bridal costume- enhances beauty

Wedding is the most important and very special occasion of one’s life. Both bride and groom should look their perfect on this most awaited occasion of their life.  As we all know that India is land of diversities and every state has its own tradition and rituals. Same is the case with the wedding style and various rituals of wedding. The outfit of wedding also depends on the traditional style of that particular state. Indian wedding functions are very grand and elegant. There are some pre marriage functions also which holds equal importance and the dressing code of bride for each function is also pre defined. However the main wedding function is certainly different and huger. Bridal costume of every state is different and Gujarat is a state of rich tradition so Gujarati wedding bridal costume is very unique and stylish.

beautiful couple in wedding costume
beautiful couple in wedding costume

Gujarati bridal dress significance 

Bridal costumes in India are very colorful and often used with heavy matching jewelry. In Gujarati weddings most of the brides prefer to wear a beautiful heavy saree for this special occasion. The saree is draped in unique Gujarati style and that makes it more beautiful and ethnic. If we closely observe the wedding attire of Gujarati bride there are two common styles of saree that are preferred on the wedding day. First type of saree is called Panetar which is white saree with a beautiful red bandhini border. It is a typical Gujarati style saree and unique style of this saree can be recognized very easily. Second type of saree that is mainly preferred is the Gharchola which is bright red sari having gold woven squares on it. Red is said to be the color of bride and hence red saree or red outfit looks very eye catching and glorious.bridal costume

Now as the time is changing there are some changes in the attire of the bride also. Now Gujarati wedding bridal costume includes lehangas of different style and color. Heavy jewelry works as a perfect accessory with these lehanga and enhances the beauty of the bride. Some brides prefer to look different so they choose sarees of different colors with heavy zari borders. The main thing about Gujarati wedding bridal costume is that it is very eye catching and bright in color. The unique style of costume has the ability to make bride elegant and beautiful.

As the bride’s costume is important in wedding function so is the costume of the groom. A Gujarati groom is generally seen in a light colored dhoti kurta with a beautiful bandhej dupatta around his neck. This dupatta gives a more traditional look to the groom. However in modern times the attire of the groom has entirely changed. Formalwear has taken place of traditional dhoti kurta. Apart from this designer kurta pajama or dhoti kurta is preferred in metropolitan cities. Both bride and groom should select the proper traditional outfit for their wedding as it makes them look very charming and exceptionally beautiful.

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