Elements and Principles of Design

Elements and Principles of design are the essential component of a illustrated portion that create a painting, drawing, sketching, design, etc., These basics include:


A line can be created byconnecting two points, used in linear shapes and patterns. A stroke used in illustration or drawing or sketch in which the length is longer than the width.

Color :

Giving color to the objects is very important thing, it is the final touch of the drawing; There are three types of colors – Primary color, Secondary color, tertiary color. Primary colors are – Red / Yellow / Blue; Secondary colors are made from the combination of primary colors: Red+Yellow = Orange; Red+Blue = Violet; Yellow+Blue = Green; Tertiary colors are made from the combination of Primary and secondary colors: Yellow – Green; Red – Violet; Yellow – Orange;

Shape :

There are many types of shapes: Geometrical shapes, abstract shapes, floral shapes, mechanical shapes – using compass or rules this type shapes can be created, Organic shapes – Freehand drawn shapes mostly illustrating nature.


Texture is nothing but the surface design that can be either soft touched or be the kind of rough. The types of texture are of two – Tactile texture – means of feeling the surface by touching it; Visual texture – by seeing the object property i.e., whether the art / object can be made of smooth surface but it looks like o rough surface.


It is concerned with the area of design; Methods of illusion of space are overlap & shading; Shading can be of five kinds: 1.) Highlight, 2.) Transitional light, 3.) interior of the Shadow, 4.) Reflected Light and 5.) Shine Shadow

The principles which are applied to the elements of design determine how successful a design can be….. The main essential principles are: i) Unity, ii) Point Line, iii) Balance [Symmetrical, Asymmetrical, Radial, overall], iv) Hierarchy, v) Scale, vi) Dominance [created by complementary dimension – positioning color – style – shape, vii) Similarity and contrast [Direction – structure – form – placement – importance], viii) Movement and ix) Rhythm or pattern.

Design – “ To visualize or approach in the intelligence; to create a plan for invent or for a particular purpose or effect; to sketch out in efficient especially in graphic form”.

The purposeful or inventive arrangement of making the art sketching is design; which describes the particular emotion in different ways. Design is the essential way in expressing the manner of one’s thoughts and activities; it can be said through arts / sketches / drawings. Designs are created by the innovative designers; Those who can have the knowledge on making creative new ideas to the right market at right time.

color wheel

Design can be done by drawing or sketching, the art of practice makes the design perfect visualize. It is a project preparing for the reasoned purpose. Design is nothing but working out the structure or form of making sketching, pattern, creative ideas, delineate. Design is a decorative artistic work; a style or the manner in which something has been invented for a reason, for example, in apparel design, dress designs are made. The skill and the ability of making designs and patterns for dresses i.e., clothing can be called as Costume Design. Likewise there are so many designs in all parts of our life – Jewell designs, sandal designs, interior designs, sculptural designs, architectural designs, etc.,

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