20th century Ancient Fashion design

20th century Ancient Fashion design – Medieval, Renaissance, Rococo, Georgian, Regency, Victorian, Edwardian.

Fashion is a broad expression for an accepted & well-liked style or performs”

Fashion refers to the existing trend in appearance and dress-up of someone, as well as to establishing techniques in one’s activities. The technical word “Costume” associates with the term “Fashion” in the public sector.

Earlier period of western clothing

Fashion” not only concerning for apparel / clothing, involving in all things – Accessories: Bags, Jewels, hats; Way of behaving; Style of one’s manner;

Fashion expresses emotions. Changing fashions in clothing for both men and women are repeated so that we can say “Fashion is cyclical”.

Fashion history – Black is the misery color but it can also be used for formal evening dress. Black outfits are sometimes related with the satanic but also with ministers. Some costumes have become linked with particular group of people and society.

Fashion can be of 1.) Ancient Fashions, 2.) Medieval Fashions, 3.) Renaissance Fashions, 4.) Rococo Fashions, 5.) Georgian Fashions, 6.) Regency Fashions, 7.) Victorian Fashions, 8.) Edwardian Fashions.

Ancient Fashions – fashion from the Ancient Greek and Roman period of time, women’s outfits were not loose and flowing and never tight fit. Tunics, often draped with layers of fabrics which were wore by both men & women. The most commonly used garment at the 16th century B.C. for women in the Ancient Greek was the “Doric Peplos“. Fabrics were plain and for the most part and was un-decorated in the western world particularly in white or off-white color. Silk weaving and embroidery techniques were commonly used during the Ancient era. But whereas inIndia, China & Africa, women adorned themselves with more colorful fabrics & ornamentations as compared to the western region.

Abraham Lincoln is associated with a black mourning suit and stove-pipe hat.

Elvis Presley is associated with jeweled white suits.

Jackie Kennedy is associated with pink pill box Halston hats and well-tailored, if rather boxy, Oleg Cassini suits.

Beatniks of the 1950s are symbolized by black turtleneck sweaters.

President Jimmy Carter was associated with cardigan sweaters.

Ronald Reagan wore a cowboy hat, a sign of America’s frontier tradition and its hopefulness.

History of 20th Century Fashion – Before 1840s, wedding dresses are made in any color but after 1840 when Queen Victoria got married in white long gown with trimmed lace work, it would be the trend accepted by the people. During the mid level period of 19th century, new outfits are created for middle status people. The dark suit, in solemn tints of black / grey / brown for men suggest influence, responsibility, and morality. Sailor suit became a vital uniform for middle class boys. Middle class girls like princesses wore bows, ruffles and neutral colors as a symbol of their distinctiveness.

Fashion design is the art of application of acceptable pleasant appearance to clothing; some clothing has turn out to be associated with particular group of people or social groups. According to the common & artistic range, Fashion design is influenced by the designers of all over the world.

Fashion design is usually measured to have started in the earlier period of 19th century with the great very first designer in the world – Charles Frederick Worth. He started Fashion tackle inParis. Previous to that, Fashion design can be prepared by a team of tailors and that are worn by court people. But the high fashion slides down during that period.

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