The Saree Blouse Gets A Makeover… Rev-up Your Style With Different Looks!

Different kinds of saree blouse are the best way to re-vamp your vintage sarees this wedding season! With the saree blouses getting a makeover you can create different looks with the same saree.

Fashion Saree Blouse Models
Different kinds of saree blouse

When it comes to Indian fashion, sarees have been the most quintessential elegant piece of clothing that every Indian woman has in her wardrobe. If you are in a fix about dressing up or dressing down for an event or occasion, a saree can be you go-to outfit. Gone are the days when sarees were worn with the same old kinds of blouses with different necklines and back designs in the name of variation. Today,designers have re-vamped the saree blouse into a trendy attire that uplifts the look of the saree and can take you from retro to casual to glam…

Here are a few variations in the designs of the classic saree blouse: –

Bikini Saree Blouse :

Fashion Modelling Blouse
Bikini Saree Blouse Style

Oomph up your look this wedding season with the perfect amalgamation of the ethnic saree with the western bikini styled blouse. Perfect for the sweltering heat of the summer, this blouse will add just the right kind of glam to your look for the traditional wedding.

Sheer Saree Blouse:

Actress Transparent Saree Blouse
Sheer Saree Blouse Style

If you are a little uncomfortable leaving too much skin bare with Bikini styled saree blouse, try the sheer blouse with its ‘there-yet-not-there’ fabric. The sheer fabric conceals the skin yet it offers a peek-a-boo effect because of the translucent demeanor of the fabric.

Collared Saree Blouse :

Actress Saree Blouse with Collar
Collared Saree Blouse Style

Go retro with √©lan in these stylish trends. The saree blouse has gone back in time but with a contemporary edge to it. Collared blouses have been flaunted by the yesteryear’s’ actresses and celebrities on the silver screen. These high-necked designs have come back in trend this wedding season in different ways. Short sleeves with Chinese collar as flaunted by Aishwarya Rai, sleeveless blouses with peter pan collar as flaunted by Sonam Kapoor or ‘Band-gala’ sherwani collar flaunted by Deepika Padukone, these designs are sure to earn you a second-look this wedding season.

Off-shoulder Saree Blouse:

Actress Drop Shoulder Blouse
Off-shoulder Saree Blouse Style

The Off-shoulder saree blouses are a contemporary take on the traditional fashion statement. Designers play with the silhouette of the blouse to give a sultry temptress look to the person wearing this style. Earn brownie points by showing off your beach-tanned shoulders in this sultry, sexy style.

Strapless Saree Blouse:

Actress Sleeveless Blouse
Strapless Saree Blouse Style

Go bold with this ‘in-your face’ trend by showcasing your flowy saree this wedding season in strapless blouses. A saree is the sexiest piece of Indian attire and flaunting your curvaceous figure in a saree paired with a strapless blouse is the best way to make eyes pop-out this summer wedding season.

Long/Full Sleeved Saree Blouse:

Actress Designer Blouse
Long/Full Sleeved Saree Blouse Style

If you are looking for a classier look that is synonymous with the traditional aspect of sarees or have been skipping the gym and lost your toned arms to junk food, yo can opt for the long sleeved or full sleeved blouse to pair with the saree. Solving your purpose yet looking trendy and chic, these blouses can be tailored in various fabrics. Flaunt a vintage lace- sleeved blouse like Priyanka Chopra or go for embroidered sleeves like Anoushka Sharma and Sridevi or you can simply don a classic full sleeved blouse like Sonam Kapoor to achieve a classic look with the perfect touch of contemporary twist.

Armed with these styles, raid your mom’s closet for those vintage sarees and stamp them with your brand of fashion statement this wedding season!

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