Keerthi Ezhil

I am a person with interested in sewing & fashion. I am always thinking about the wasted materials... Whenever I crossed the tailor shops I felt bad..that wasted materials also bought for money..these thoughts push me up to learn sewing. afterwards i improved my talent to do fashionable dresses for my daughter.. I always mentioned to use the leftover materials to use small pouch, handbag, little girls dress, small accessories...for my students. Now that experience took me to the next level.. Here I'm going to share my experience to all of u through these tutorials.

Cap sleeve drafting method

Drafting and Sewing Cap Sleeve

About Sleeves: Sleeves are both functional and design elements of a garment. As functional elements, sleeves must allow for freedom of movement and comfort and must enhance the overall purpose of the garment. As design elements, sleeves should complement the bodice to which they are attached. Cap sleeve are very short sleeve on a dress, shaped by lengthening …

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Horizontal Panel/Tiered skirt Anarkali Drafting Tutorial

Horizontal panel Anarkali is also having 2 parts, which bodice and tiered skirt.  This type of Anarkali made with Horizontal panels of associated blend colors & patterns. Usually 3 to 5 tires used to make this Horizontal panel Anarkali. To enhance it looks should attach lace at the tire joints. This Anarkali suit stitched with …

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