Category: Embroidery

Embroidery is the embellishment provided to the fabric or any other material. It is done in a fabric by using needle and thread or yarn. There is a special embroidery thread with single color or double colored. Fancy yarns are also used in embroidery.. Simple embroidery designs enhance the appearance of kids’ garments. There are different varieties of stitches. The selected stitches are used for outline and there are stitches for filling design also. Beads, pearls, sequins and zardosi are also used to enhance the material in a grand way.


Embroidery leggings in fashion

Being a fashionable person is good for you as it makes you more beautiful and more confident. Fashion trends should be closely followed as these trends have the capability to change your personality and...


What is Rayon Embroidery Thread?

Rayon Features  Rayon embroidery thread is the most common types of thread used mainly for embroidery machines. There are various advantages of using this type of threads. Rayon embroidery threads are most widely used...


Custom Digitizing and Machine embroidery 

Custom digitizing with an at home machine embroidery is an extraordinary approach to make one of a kind endowments at a little cost. With custom digitizing you could take a most loved drawing your...


Chikankari Embroidery

Chikankari Embroidery – India is the home to variety of embroidery since ages and Indian embroidery has always been a tradition and a name to conjure with. The most elegant and graceful hand embroidered sari...