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The history of clothing includes the clothes worn in various places at various times and the methods by which those clothes were made or acquired. They reveal us about ancient Asian costumes, Ancient Roman, Greece and South and East India. For example let us take Ancient South and East India. They introduce caste system and divide themselves into groups depending on their jobs they carried on. For each caste they wore different types of clothes. Ancient South and East India mostly wore with the combination of rich cotton materials.

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THE HISTORY OF JEANS : The jean material was first made in England. .. But It was named as Jeans by Italians … Now everywhere we are using jeans… But we don’t know where...

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Ancient Asian Costumes

Ancient Asian Costumes India has a rich early history. The Indus valley civilization, which flourished between 2600 and 2000 BCE, was larger than any other empire of the time. The Aryan people, who arrived...

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Mode of Roman Costumes

Mode of Roman Costumes The people known as the Celts were made up of many different tribes, but they all shared the same language and manner of life. The Celtic culture began in Austria...

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Fashion Roman Army Attire

Fashion Roman Army Attire Roman Army Near the beginning of republic, Rome did not have a specialized professional army; the reason is why because in times of war, all male citizens were projected to...

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Fashion clothing of Roman Women

Fashion clothing of Roman Women: Roman women wore a long, belted, sleeveless dress called a stola, a type of dress. Over this was a large, rectangular shawl, known as a palla, which could be...

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Fashion in Ancient Greece

Fashion in Ancient Greece: Most of the ladies in ancient Greece were familiar with how to spin wool and weave it into cloth and a Greek wife was projected to provide all the cloth...