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Knitting is converting of yarn into fabric by interloping of yarns. It is a technique of fabric formation from yarn. Knitting is the art of constructing fabric by intermeshing the yarn loops(a loop within a loop) by some knitting elements.They are warp knitting and weft knitting.

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Brioche Knitting

Brioche knitting is a family of knitting patterns which involving tucked stitches. Tucking stitches are nothing but yarn in excess that are knitted simultaneously with a slip stitch from the previous row. Those stitches...

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Cable Knitting

Cable knitting is a technique of knitting, in which surface of crossing layers are completed by reordering the stitches. Methods of Making Cable Knit The stitches traverse behind are relocate to a tiny cable...

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Plain, Rib, Matt or Basket Weaves

Types of Weaves – Plain, Rib, Matt or Basket Weaves Plain Weave: Plain weave is also named as tabby weave, Calico weave, alpaca weave, linen weave and taffeta weave; it is the most essential...

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Fabric Formation: Knitting, Weaving Process

Clothing is essential for everyone. Clothing can be worn for covering the body, for climatic conditions like warmness or coolness, personality improvement and occasionally to exhibit one’s position in the society. From the extensive...

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Warp and Weft Knitting Method

Knitting is the technical way to make thread or yarn into fabric, likewise there are some other ways of making fabrics are weaving, crochet, etc., when comparing knitting to crochet, knitting has loop formation...