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Fashion Illustration is the contact of fashion that originates with illustration, drawing and painting. It is usually specially made for creating replica in fashion magazines for advertising and promoting. Fashion illustration is created mainly to implement the ideas or designs of the garment in an efficient progress. It has more imaginary narratives and it is also a form of art. Illustration brings more beauty to the designs of the garment rather than as flat sketches. There is no doubt that it has distinct association with style and beauty.

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Francois Berthoud 2008-2011 Illustrations

Francois Berthoud 2008-2011 Illustrations Francois Berthoud Studio: The Art of Fashion Illustration Swiss artist Francois Berthoud after beginning his work in Milan in the year 1982, he promptly developed his unique signature illustrations and achieved worldwide...

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Kelly Thompson Fashion Illustrator, Photographer

Kelly Thompson Fashion Illustrator, Photographer, Client List, Magazines, Idea of working manner, Marvelous Romantic Girl Illustrations. Kelly Thompson is a Fashion Illustrator and Photographer, who is from wellington, New Zealand. Kelly finished her Studies...

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Nadia Flower Fashion Illustrator

Nadia Flower Fashion Illustrator, Client list, Her Publications / Magazines, Theme based Illustrations, Fantastic Ideas. Nadia Flower’s elements for amazing illustration are flimsy, delicate, so far graphic, realistic and tough. Nadia’s works are mostly...

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Shannon Toth’s Clients and Inspirations

Shannon Toth’s Clients and Inspirations are mostly about the Lovely Romantic attraction of 1920’s.. Shannon Toth is an honor captivating performer of art and children’s book illustrator. Shannon has been awarded many times for her...