Design Awards

Design awards 2012

Fashion show 2012

For the year 2012, London, Olympic Torch designed by Barber Osgerb

Fashion Award goes to


Issey Miyake Design Studio Tokyo, Japan

Fashion Show details

1. At very first, the show started with a manifestation of some new fabric development and technology story.
Silhouette references

2. Puffa jackets.

3. Waffle patterned coats.

4. Geometric tights.

5. Scarves stuffed from collars and pockets.

6. Mesh.

7. Candy colors which also contrasted with delicate neutrals.

8. Bunched necklines.

9. Refracted patterns.

10. Blue – royal to ice.

Since from the period of 1973, ISSEY MIYAKE has been introducing them at Paris Fashion Week which is having graduated from Tama Art University in graphic design in Tokyo, Japan in the year 1964…..

There he established the Miyake Design Studio in 1970 and afterward it was called upon his correlate to design the label from 1994.

His associate was then replaced by Dai Fujiwara in the year 2007 who in circle stepped down in the February month of 2011 to be replaced by Miyame.

Most of the ISSEY MIYAKE collections are Ready-to-wear styles.

Royal Wedding dress

Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The Duchess of Cambridge’s Fashion Designer Sarah Burton designed imperial wedding dress is awarded as the best fashion mode by the Design Museum.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty display is also designated.

Some other challengers in the fashion group includes

Mary Katrantzou’s and Céline’s autumn/winter 2011-12 collections

Vivienne Westwood’s Ethical Fashion Africa Collection;

And shoe company Melissa’s teamwork with Gaetano Pesce

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