Portuguese Traditional Costumes

Portuguese traditional costumes – As in other countries, Portugal have their traditional costumes that differs by region. And more than we can think, the traditional clothing of a country defines the history and the ancient culture.

Here in Portugal, the peasants wore two different costumes: one for working and one for wearing on Sundays to go to the church or to attend weddings. In this way, we can differentiate who’s the boss and who’s the peasant. But, as I said in the intro, the traditional clothing differs by region. For example, in Madeira they use regional embroideries and hats to imitate the head of a ladybug; in Minho, they use regional embroideries and jewelry in gold with a specific technique, the filigree (in Portuguese “filigrana”).

trges das noivas do minho


As well as Cock of Barcelos, the Porto wine or the cod are an emblematic symbol of Portugalthe filigree is an important mark on the culture of this amazing country. As I said on some lines ago, the filigree is traditionally used on the costumes of Minho.

It can be used in many types of art since decoration or jewelry, but, for sure, the main known application is on jewelry, especially in hearts made of gold or silver, that we called Viana Hearts’. But isn’t necessary to made filigree with gold or silver, it can be made of other metals as copper, aluminum, etc. The filigree technique involves delicacy and lots of patience, because it works with thin wires of metal and small balls of metal too (gold, silver, aluminum, etc), whose goal is make one drawing on the piece.


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