Swimwear-Tips for Different Silhouettes


Tips for different silhouettes – Summertime, who doesn’t like? It’s a good season for sunbaths and relax for many hours, go to shopping with our friends, go to the cinema, eat ice creams and go to parties. This is how summer feels like!

Swimwear: Tips for different silhouettes

Image source – Victoria’s Secret

Women with high stature
The women with high stature should use bandeau bikinis, because they highlight the body contours, draw the bust and the waist because it is a horizontal line, diverting attentions for horizon (bust), flattening the silhouette.

Women with small breasts
Don’t worry, the women with breasts bust are amazing too! If you want to give the illusion of big breasts, you should use bikinis with system push up, thus projecting the bust for the center, bikinis tops with details (ties, patterns,…) and neon colors, because when the sunlight insides on the bust, reflects the color, giving the illusion of big breasts.

Women with big breasts
Who has big breasts needs good support. The best types of bikini top are the triangle bikinis with large handles to tie around the neck or with frame. Choose bikinis tops with dark patterns or without patterns. Use patterns panties not to divert attention to the bust.

Large shoulders
If you have large shoulders you should use bikinis with cross handles, it diverts attention to the back, thus softening the width of the shoulders.

Narrow hips
If you have narrow hips, you should use bikini underwear with ribbons to tie the sides or metalized details in the sides or trikinis, to give volume to the hips.

Wide hips
The high underwear with little patterns or smooth panties are good to women who have wide hips or who have a little belly, disguising these small points.

Salient belly
The swimsuits are very fashionable too! If you have a salient or fat belly you should use swimsuits or tankinis, thus disguising the problem. In stores you can find many models young and very fashionable, just searching!

Now, enjoy your summer with fashion! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and sunglasses!


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