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Mona al Mansouri is an international fashion designer. Tried her hand in engineering but soon realized that it was not her cup of tea.

An international fashion designer

An international fashion designer

Her artistic talent and creative art made her to go in the line of fashion designing. Soon she became one of the most prominent designers in the fashion world. She has been a part of many great events and fashion nights all around the world including Singapore, Italy, Britain, Egypt etc. Her work took her a step ahead of all when she was mentioned as the most prominent and successful Arab Fashion designers in the publication ‘Designers Story Book’. Mona al Mansouri is known for giving a social or an environmental message through her creations.

Global fashion outfit

Global fashion outfit

Not just that she was a part of many fashion events, she has also been invited as the jury member in many Award nights and fashion shows all around the globe. She has always been a motivation to the young international fashion designer. She herself has also always encouraged and guided the youngsters towards creative fashion designing.

 In 2006, Mona al Mansouri became the only and the first ever Emirates designer to display her collection in the Italian Fashion Week in Rome as an international fashion designer. After this, she represented U.A.E in the Abu Dhabi Fashion Week.  She has attended n number of shows which includes Middle East Fashion festival of 2008 which was held at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi. It was in 2009 when she was selected to inaugurate the New look Exhibition where she was wearing a dress of Islands. She has designed dresses for celebrities including an evening gown for one of the leading actresses Raghda in Venice Hotel which gave a message of peace like any other creation of her.

Achievements of an international fashion designer

She is a lady with hands full of awards. Her creative work and messages delivered through them took her at heights. It all started in 2008 when she was awarded as the Innovative international  fashion Designer of the Year in the annual publication of the Bouthaina magazine. .  It was in 2010 when she received one of the biggest achievements so far. She was awarded the Designer of the Year. She then received a certificate of appreciation from the Abu Dhabi TV and they also telecasted a documentary which was made on her life and career named as Emirati Bemtiaz (Emirate par excellence).

Party gown

Party gown

She was honored at the establishment of Abu-Dhabi Women’s Council. Impressed by her work and designs, she was selected not only to offer her design to the common people but also to create and design for all the presidential hosts. Because of her love towards Mona al Mansouri was invited by the Egypt Lovers Association to be a part of supporting the vote for Bu Tina Island to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. . She has always been in the news and media for her designs, messages and other good reasons. Being an international fashion designer she is an inspiration to the worldwide amateur fashion learning students. her designs speaks about her unique work style.

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