How to Choose the Right Bride Gown?

Tips choose the right bride gown – As in all other occasions, we (women) want to look stunning at our special day, the day that we say “Yes” for the love of our life (an uncommon situation in nowadays, unfortunately). For that show time, I prepared some tips that for sure will help you.

Designed by Micaela Oliveira
Designed by Micaela Oliveira
Before wearing

1. Not choose the dress in function of your best friend or mom opinion, they will not wear the dress, but you will. So, to avoid unwanted discomforts, choose that one you liked at first view.

2. Pay attention to the formality of wedding, taking into account the part of the day it is celebrated, the local of event and the year season.

3. Now, the most important thing: design and style of gown. Before all, this thinking should be in your mind: “It’s my day, my big dream, so, if I don’t looking amazing, who will?” Take a look into bride magazines, fashion blogs dedicated to brides, TV shows, and others, exists many kind of sources that you should consult to get the best tips for that amazing day.

Designed by Micaela Oliveira
Designed by Micaela Oliveira
While you searching for/trying

1. Take in mind the budget you are willing to spend, it’s important to avoid unnecessary expenses.

2.  Nothing better than visiting many bridal shops, it’s a good way to see various model dresses, comparing prices between stores, and others, all this while you having fun!

3. Not be afraid by try on dresses, they are one thing on the hanger, and other completely different on you, remember it.

4. Don’t forget that you will dance, raising the arms, maybe running (who knows) at the wedding, so it’s important to choose the one that gives you good movements.

5. Don’t feel under pressure when the seller gives his opinion, nor with your lack of time. Choose one exclusive day to make this task calmly.

6. Don’t forget the jewelry and/or outerwear: if the dress is very lush and you wear many accessories, you will look like a Christmas tree. Wear accessories with moderation, it’s my precious tip for you.

For the gown fit better on you, use a shape wear lingerie and feel raze, baby girl! Get informed here.

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  1. It is a dream of every girl to look stunning on her wedding day, and thanx to Joana, it is easy for us to find the right find… 🙂

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