Add Some Zest to Your Corporate Look with the Latest Fashion Trends!!!

Are you tired of the same monotonous corporate look and looking for some change? This season, pep up your silhouette with lots of colors, femininity and pizzazz‼ 


It’s Monday morning and in this soaring temperature you have to set out for work. It could be real challenging to wear something that would not make you feel hot in the scorching heat or cold in the air conditioned office cabins. What could be more challenging is to decide what to wear that could make you look stylish yet be appropriate for your corporate environment. For Über stylish girls, dressing up for work is all about satisfying their fashion craze as well as ensuring that you are there for business.

This summer, you can jazz up your corporate look with more vibrancy and femininity just the way the dazzling divas Sonam Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Deepika Padukone are doing it. With Bollywood and Hollywood divas been smitten with the power look, they have made the ‘lapelled jackets-fitted pants’ a popular fashion statement along with adding a little bit of zing in the corporate style.

Tips to add a bit of style and comfort to your corporate look:-

Take a look at a few ultimate fashion combos that would be perfect for your work, keeping you in style yet be very comfortable.


Circle Skirt with Sleeveless Blouse and a Cardigan:

In this blazing sun, high waist, knee length circle skirts are a perfect way to keep you cool and yet be appropriate for work. You can pair it up with a sleeveless, collared blouse and carry a matching cardigan that you can wear just before entering your cabin. Flaunt it with a pair of kitten heels, a D&G handbag, a sleek wrist watch, a high pony tail and a touch of makeup.


Pencil Skirt with Silk blouse:

If circle skirts don’t make you comfortable, wear a lighter fabric pencil skirt. To look sensational, dress yourself in light color and pattern pencil skirt with a light colored silk blouse. Carry a cropped feminine jacket along with a pair of peep toes, a Chanel bag, a big round dial watch.


Sleeveless dress with light colored blazer:-

You can beat this heat with a bright colored sleeveless dress and a light colored blazer to keep your cool and style and yet have a decent corporate look. With Louis Vuitton bag and a luxury wrist watch, you can perfectly match this outfit with classy stilettos.


Cropped Pants with Flowy blouse:

Just because it is hot outside, doesn’t mean you rule out the option of wearing pants. Dress yourself up with a baggy, cropped silhouette in cotton fabric measuring just above your ankles and a loose short-sleeved chemise along with an open cardigan. A Hidesign bag and a casual watch with a pair of chic wedges to show off your long legs would make this combo a perfect fit for work.

Dressing up for work doesn’t appear to be chore now. With so many trends and fashions, you can mix and match your style and look modish yet elegant for work.


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