brocade wear

Now be noticed for a subtle style statement this season! Its time to say a goodbye to the old heavy layered look and flaunt the new chic style which has become one of the biggest runway trends .

Whoa! Done up in dark hues this heavy looking textile ‘brocade’ seems like the perfect embellishment for any sort of dressing. Your suave ethnic look is sure to garner compliments the next time you attend a friend’s wedding adorned in brocade which is the one of the most versatile embellishment.


brocade ethnic

It is not necessary to be relegated to heavy layering and dour colors , brocade can even be light and frothy , so its time you be bevy of brocade.

A brocade pattern in pastel hue plays upon the spring color trends , so you can be sure to wear this from now to the winters. A decorative brocade collar elaborately embroidered adds a more dressed up touch while a synched waist line slims your middle.


brocade embellishment

Gone are the days when brocade embellishment was only used by the traditional divas as now you can flaunt this multipurpose textile embellishment in a new and modern way.

The skater dress silhouette looks great for all body types and thus an embellishment of brocade makes you look as the ultimate style icon for the season. You can go for a down ton abbey look with a looser brocade frock, add intricate jewellery to a darker hue attire to make the brocade pattern really pop up.


We are seeing beautiful pieces done in confectionery shades with metallic touches of brocade embellishment that makes our most feminine sensibilities stand at attention.

If you are a lover of pastels over neon or a fitted silhouette or a looser look then just be sure to team it up with an elegant brocade embellishment either in the form of borders or simply an accessory made of it.The brocade embellishment looks really chic and expensive.

The old school look seems to be reinvented in the lightweight fabrics and sassy new silhouettes through the brocade embellishment. It can instantly amp up your look. You can even take it to the evening in skinnies and look fabulous.

If you are one of those dangly bracelet chic who is always loaded up with the latest accessories then do try a pair of flashy flats with the brocade work or team up a brocade belt with your jeans and take the world on with your style.

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