Basic Makeup for Women

Basic Makeup for Women – 

Makeup isn’t one futility, it’s a one form of self-esteem for all women. All women have a unique beauty without makeup, it’s true, but not all like to leave home without it. Today I will speak about basic makeup, for work or go to school (nothing to exaggerate, ok girls?) for have confidence in yourself.

Basic makeup for Womens

1. Follow the daily routine of skin: Before makeup you should exfoliate, tone and hydrate your skin, to have a fantastic makeup

2. Protect your skin and uses one sunscreen

3. Apply your primer, for your makeup last all day

4. Uniform the skin tone: Use your habitual foundation or one BB Cream after moisturizing your skin, to uniform and give a healthy appearance to your beautiful face

5. Correct imperfections: With your concealer, correct all imperfections in your face (blemishes, under eye circles and other imperfections)

6. Put a healthy face: Apply a little bit of your favorite blush to give a little color to cheekbones

7. Apply your compact powder to mattifier your skin

8. Now give to your eyes a fantastic look with your favorite mascara. Powerful eyes!

9. You’re ready for work or school!

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