How does Black and white combination works in your wardrobe?

Black and white combination works great when using in the casual and formal wear. Black color is opposite of white and work well when combined.

Many are fond of this combinations and use highly in their wardrobe. It is most elegant powerful and great combinationblack and white.

Power of black and white combination:

It can be used to draw viewer attention even it is simple and elegance. This combination is strong, resounding and accepted widely by can be sophisticated and fashionable hue when combined.

Black and white is the best effective color scheme to work with. It evokes our mood. Give peace to our thought.

All color may come and go out from the fashion but black and white is the everlasting color and worth one. Among china and other countries black and white is favorite costume of celebrity and white combination

Black skirt with white top looks great. Usually from street wear to designer wear we can see this combination.

Black and white checked shirts are widely used in men and women shirts.

White color reflects all types of light and black is opposite of this. Being contrast color it will give good effect.

Not alone wardrobe, heels, hats and other accessory combination also came in black and white combination and used by all.

Our ancient peoples used to tell white color represent faith. And they loved in wearing this.

There’s something really appealing about the simplicity of black and white.

Black and white always looks modern whatever the word means
                                                           -Karl Lagerfeld

black and white

Bollywood actress like sonam kapoor and neha dhupia and others used to wear black and white wardrobe during their celebrity visits.

Even celebrity’s choosing black and white combination why don’t we use it?

Yes we all are lover of black and white outfits. Try those in your wardrobe and see how it works.

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