Can I wear stripes?

Can I wear stripes? – It’s true, increasingly we see more stripes in the collections of the chain stores of fast fashion, in different types, since horizontal, vertical or oblique stripes, in many clothes, as for example, in shirts or leggings, skirts or shorts, but the big question is: Can all type of body wear this trend? I say and I can affirm: yes, everybody can wear this trend but with a condition: you should pay attention to your body proportions and should pay attention to the type of stripes.

So, if I can wear stripes, without problems, what kind of stripes I should choose on my next shopping trip? Another big question that many women have, but it’s very simple to answer. I see many people wearing horizontal stripes when they should be wearing vertical stripes. It is a common mistake that we see on the streets easily.

To not fall into this mistake as others fell, follow my tips bellow and identify what is your body proportions.

Can I wear stripes

Horizontal stripes – Are you thin and wishing look wider? If you are, let me tell you that the horizontal stripes are your new best friends. They give to you volume and new proportions. If you are fatty or if you have more weight, you should stay away from them. The same I say to people who have short legs.

Vertical stripes – Yey, the short people can wear stripes too! The big difference is the type of stripes. Use and abuse of vertical stripes, without problems, believe in me! You can use it without any problem because they create an illusion of height and help you look tallest, tapering the silhouette. If you use high heels, you for sure will raze the “competition”, for sure!

Oblique stripes – Finally, the oblique stripes are good to wear in order to hide the weak points of your body, as vertical stripes, but we shouldn’t also forget about the slimming action of oblique stripes. They are very good to disguise what we want to disguise in our body, we only should wear clothes with oblique stripes to look interesting and original with them.

Run to the nearest mall and try the power of stripes in your appearance! You will find a diversity of stripes: simple, with other patterns (are more typical find stripe with flowers, for example) and in different colors. You only have to choose what type of stripes are good to your appearance and, of course, the ones you like!

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