Clothing essentials for women

15795488446_af6fdf3c85A list of must-haves in every woman’s wardrobe is the oft quoted article in magazines and newspapers. Let us rethink those lists and make one that is more suitable for women in India. There are times when we are pressed with no choice or far too many choices in dressing – for any occasion. Often, we go shopping but rarely do we focus on essential items. Rather, we tend to pick up stuff that attracts us that moment and not relevant from the practicality angle. As a result, we have clothes that we rarely wear and they keep piling up in our wardrobe. Once you know what is essential for you, shop accordingly.

Speaking of essentials, one can have two sections – casual and formal wear. Evenings out with friends for coffee date or movie date with colleagues are those moments when we are needed to turn out in an easy, comfortable wear. Jeans, of course, the timeless attire they are, come first to mind. Pair it with a Tee or a casual top. White shirt with blue jeans is an all-time classic. One can never go wrong with that combination. Besides Jeans, there are endless options from slacks to palazzos. The key is to pair it up with a complementing top. Choose tight and loose elements in single combination. Both tight and you end up looking tacky unless you are Kate Moss. Other hand, both loose garments make for a tent. So, look objectively at your reflection in mirror. Do not flatter yourself.

If you want to play it safe, best option is to don a cotton kurta and pair it with a contrasting bottom. Skirts are least worn in some cities. But, wherever one feels comfortable to wear them, just go ahead. A-line skirts are extremely versatile. They can match most body types. Maxi skirts are another great option, if you can carry it off. Small hint: it goes better on taller women. If one feels bold, opt for pencil skirts, they go well with full-sleeved blouses. Short pencil skirts are well suited for petite women. Save this attire for office.

8262353513_4505fa7428_nA fitting dress need not be always black and small. It can be any color or print and is a worthy addition to your closet. It is best worn for parties. Dress it up with a jacket and you are ready for a formal evening dinner.  If the evening out happens to be a wedding, one always has the choice of going all traditional. A fitted elegant Salwar kurta works well for those not adept at sarees. But, if saree is your favoured attire for the evening, do not go easy on accessories. Rather wear couple of eye catching accessories to bring out a classy look.  A chunky necklace and tiny ear studs or vice versa look understated yet elegant. Avoid wearing heavy jewellery from head to toe, unless you happen to be the bride. Gone are the days of heavy sarees. Today one has an option of choosing form designer collections or handloom varieties. Have your pick, as per the occasion.

After you have stocked up on the bare essentials, stock up some matching footwear as well. Have a pair of loafers or sneakers to see you through the day, as they offer comfort for your feet. For evenings, pick platform heels or wedges to go with western outfits. For Indian wear, try heeled sandals, as they add inches and keep the hems of fabric from sweeping the floor.

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