Do you know the types of heels?

For sure you have seen many types of heels in your favorite shop or your best friend use one beautiful and amazing high heel, but you know other types of heels that exist? Yes, exists many types of heels for different occasions. The choice is yours!

All shoes from
All shoes from

Stilettos –

Of course, the stiletto heels are very sexy and elegant, can reach up to 10cm but is not recommend by orthopedists, this is due to fact greatly reduce the participation of the heel in support of the body, let your fingers uncomfortable and damaging the column, thus causing the imbalance.

Wedges –

This type of heel is like a kind of platform, but instead of having a straight heel, has a base near the toes and progresses lower the highest heel in the heel area. No doubt that this kind of high heel only brings advantages: it distributes the weight better and they ask many muscles of leg, in one form very active. However the caloric intake and energy is lower in comparison of the use of stilettos, for example.

Kitten Heels –

This heels don’t arrive at more than 5cm of tall, recommended by orthopedists to use daily, since they are of low height the posture is not compromised.

This is one type of heel that allows a comfortable walk. In addition, it is also good to everyone and to any outfit, simply combine well.

Half paw –

This type of heel thought at first glance seem like a stiletto, he actually is a mix between the stiletto and platform, due to the low height at the base of the feet, as well as its high heel and thin.

Despite being a type of heel that gives elegance to toe, it is not recommended for daily use, so it should only be used on special and formal occasions.

Platform –

The platform distributes better the weight as well as the body pressure by the foot, being comfortable to casual occasions or for the job. The thrust of the body for walking is facilitated thanks to the angled tip of the shoe.

Cuban heel –

One heel lower and thick, is comparing to stiletto heel.  It is wide and the height of the sole thins a bit at the end, which reminds us of a triangle. Very comfortable and stylish, is a favorite of flamenco dancers as it ensures the balance dance steps, also used in the practice of tango.

Square heel –

This kind of heel back to be in vogue mainly thanks to the return of the vintage style. It transmits a shoe style and has better effects than other orthopedic type of heels, this is because the heel is well supported and remains so during extended periods of the day, which helps balance the body.

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