Dresses for different Silhouettes

Yeah, we are all different:

your friend has more breasts than you, the friend of her has wide hips than she and so successively. We should respect our silhouette, the contours of our body, the curves, dressing clothes to highlight our own beauty.  And don’t forget the special occasions in our life, for example, the pregnancy. We should being stunning every day, at all time and place!

Today I show to you the perfect dress for your silhouette, don’t lose the tips! If you don’t know how your type of body is, check this post.

Dresses for different Silhouettes


Be proud of your curves! You have the classic feminine figure, the curves that all men prefer and are crazy for them! For highlight your silhouette, you should wear dresses with the skirt tapered to lengthen the lower body, structured dresses and create a division in your body – use a strapless or one-shoulder style to attract the gaze upward.

Inverted Triangle

You’re busty but don’t less beautiful! Choose one color and you will seem longer and slimmer. If you wearing a tank dress, choose wider straps to tune your silhouette. You should avoid strapless or backless dresses. Tune your silhouette; you should establish one strong vertical line with pleats, seams, or long necklaces and scarves.


You need more curves, more dimensions! Deep necklines create the illusion of more bust, one good choice to who have a thin silhouette! You should use and abuse of belts, they add more curves to the waist.  


Draping is good to show you’re beautiful and round belly; don’t forget the details to look stunning. Define your shape. The baggy clothes makes you look bigger; Use fluid tissues to show your own beauty, your cute belly. Show to the world your legs, use skirts, shorts and a lot of dresses!

Long waist

Break up the length of your body with a classical combination of white & black, use and abuse of structured shoulders, with ruffles and details, makes your proportions looks big. Show to the world your legs, don’t be shy! You’re a power of the nature!

Plus size

Oh girl, you’re amazing! Don’t be shy and don’t have complexions about yourself. You have one rare and special beauty! Be proud of your curves and show to the world them! Use one good bra with convertible straps, used darkest colors to take off pounds and use colored points with accessories.

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