Fashion From The Runway To The Wardrobe… Simplified!

Runways are the ultimate source of what’s trending in fashion. With designers showcasing their latest collections on the fashion runway, fashionistas get their daily dose of fashion inputs from the cuts, colours and silhouettes forecasted by famous designers. Though we all love watching the models catwalk down the runway in the latest gear, admiring something and incorporating it in your own style are two different things. While haute couture and fashion frenzy are always the highlight of fashion runways, no one likes to don an out-n-out eclectic style in daily wear. The trick to adopting the runway fashion and adding it to the wardrobe is to simplify the style and make it your own by adding personal touches to it.

incorporate runway fashin to wardrobe

¬†Taking inspiration from some of the biggest design houses, here’s a guide to bring the runway fashion to your wardrobe.


#1. Flirt With The Floral…

This Spring-Summer, floral has been a huge hit on the runway. Be it Mark Jacobs, Elie Saab, Christian Dior or Dolce& Gabbana, every designer captured the artistic essence of floral in their prints on the runway. While a full-on floral frenzy may be too much to begin with, you can try this trend in floral printed dresses with simple cuts or simply add a floral blazer on your casual jeans and tee. If you like your monochromatic tones and shy away from girly floral, take baby steps and accessorize with a floral neckpiece or handbag.


#2. Petite Pleats…

Pleats are the biggest rage this Spring-Summer on the fashion runway. Incorporating this prep schoolgirl uniform look into the haute couture, design houses of Bottega Venetta,  Proenza Schouler and Tory Burch have given a face lift to this innocent look. Working with chiffons and silk and incorporating it into everything from skirts to pants and even jackets, pleats are the way to go fashionable this Spring-Summer. Add the pleated look to your wardrobe with a simple maxi dress or buy a pleated skirt in a solid jewel tone and pair it with strappy sandals and a white or black blouse for a soft, feminine yet strong look.

sheer lustre

#3. Sheer Lustre…

Discard the heavy monochromatic tones and weighty fabrics of the Fall-Winter and make way for some sheer brilliance in pastel tones of chiffon and peek-a-boo lace. Christian Dior and Oscar De La Renta have integrated the luminosity of sheer fabric into bold silhouettes on the runway this Spring-Summer. To add this look to your wardrobe, invest in a sheer panelled skirt in shimmery metallic tones or buy a dress with sheer lace details. Not too daring with fashion? Try wearing a sheer dress with a bolero jacket or a sheer crop top as an added layer on a studded tee. The trick to wearing sheer is in the layering.

Fashion is synonymous with every woman in the world. Reflecting her own style and personality, every woman likes to dress up. Unlike models on the runway that are mere artistic expressions of the designers, every statement made on the catwalk is wearable in daily life. All you need to do is breathe your own style and personality into them to work them in real life.

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