From classic to crazy , celebrities love showing off their nail art designs in unique looks with glitters, studs, rhinestones and tons of other nail art designs. Now even you can give your yourself a nail makeover with the various nail art patterns from simple to sophisticated. There is no need for any other accessory this season, just flaunt off your nails with exquisite designs and vivid combinations.

POP ON THE PARTY MOOD- Leather look nail polishes can be well blended with the theme based designs on the nails. The magnetic crocodile designs and liquid sand textures, look completely gorgeous on the nails.

CASUALLY CAREWORN- The latest fashion in the nail art is to sport the basket woven nails which are becoming the latest talk of the town this season. The intriguing new nail art options are becoming available all across the boards.


EXQUISITE ELEGANCE- If you are trying to keep yourself elegant and simple then try out a black base for your nails and create funky prints on them with gold and silver nail polishes.

METALLIC FLASH- Switch on the artist in you and create stylish and all new funky patterns and emboss a simpleton metallic look, by creating vivid styles and patterns that look gorgeous . Try the polka dots pattern with the metallic finish to give yourselves loads of compliments.


MIX AND MATCH- Lavender, peach, mint or sky blue are the shades which can be mixed with the bright colors such as red, tangerine, royal blue as stripes for a perfect summer look.

NEON FEVER- Yellow, juicy or neon coral colors are very hot for this summer look . They come with so many variations and are easy to pair with your outfit. Ombre nails and speckled nails are the latest trend to flaunt this season.


NUDISH TRENDY- Keep your nails nude and just adorn the tip of your nails with the color of the sea teal or aqua marine and take on the world with your fashion this summer season.

Step out of the usual fashion ideology with the nail art which is the chicest new accessory for a fashion diva this season. It’s time you turn on your fashion senses by trying out a versatile nail art with different patterns , combinations and designs.Be it striped, printed, studded or shaded , all sorts of designs look almost irresistible on a chic.

So get the scoop on the season’s latest trends and work out creativity for your fingers to give them the cascading never ending long nails , cool effect. Who says you need to go to an expert to get your nails crafted ! As now you can try all the nail patterns yourself . So give your nails a crafty makeover this time.

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