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This festive season amp up your glam quotient with the versatile jewellery trend of the ear cuffs. When the Hollywood stars can ravishingly sport them, the Bollywood divas can flaunt them , then why can’t you?

Ear cuffs seem to be a rage among fashionistas nowadays. Whoa! The ultimate designs and patterns of this irresistible jewellery style can make you look simply stunning and an iconic figure as well.

You can choose from the intricate dragons to the elaborate snakes, wild feathers or Egyptian motifs, spikes and danglers to add spunk to your personality anytime, anywhere. Its time you sport the vivacious looks of the all time apt ear cuffs in different ways.


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Cocktail party- Show your wild side this season by pairing a feathered ear cuff with a bright and shimmery cocktail dress to give you the spark which would make you look the best chic around in the town.

Go casual- Be fresh and yet funky and stylish in your casual attire with this ear jewellery. Fun single ear cuffs can add the zing to your drab jeans and tee combo.

Night outs- It’s time that you make yourself shine in the night. You can try a stone encrusted ear cuff to make you look a class apart from the others.

Ethnic chic- If you are bent on attending a marriage or a festive celebration then the Egyptian motif ear cuffs can really dramatize your traditional look like no other.


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Flaunt your cuff love this season in a different way. If you are a lover of the monotone dresses then you can give yourself a chic twist with the fiery golden ear cuff.You can even put on your makeup in accordance with the theme of your ear cuffs. Go for a bold and bright makeup in an Egyptian ear cuff.

Ear cuffs which were once a 90’s jewellery staple though; are back and blingier than ever. It is the only accessory that can give you the edgy effect over the others. They are really popping up in fashion these days.

ear cuffs

The celebrities are being spotted all over in this amazing accessory. On one side an over sized ear cuff makes a stronger style statement while on the other hand the daintier ear cuffs make you look a sassy chic.

So if you don’t have ear cuffs yet in your jewellery box that means you aren’t forwarding with the fashion. So get yourselves the best ear cuffs suitable and apt for the various occasions to highlight your ear contour and present an astonishing appearance which would make you look the trendiest chic in town, sassy and stylish.

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