How to choose underwear: Bra

How to choose underwear:

Bra  – As I said here, the shapewear makes a difference on women’s look, but the underwear can obey to this task too only if you choose the right type of underwear and in the right size. In this post I will talk about the process of choose a bra and after, in next posts, I will talk about the briefs.

The first step to choose a wonderful bra begins in home. You should measure your breasts in two different ways to different things: to discover your cup band and your cup size.

All models from Victoria's Secret

All models from Victoria’s Secret

To measure the cup size
1. Wear your non-padded bra and pick the tape

2. Put the tape around your nipples, without over tightening (to not take a wrong size)

Bust perimeter: 93cm

Now, it’s time to measure your bra size

1. Wear your non-padded bra and pick up a measuring tape

2. With the measuring tape, take it across your back at the line under the breasts and under each arm. To this measure adds more 12cm (in european size)

Band perimeter: 78cm

78cm + 12cm = 90cm

Your band size in Europe is 90.

Now, with this two measures, we will make a subtraction to discover the cup size in this way:

Band perimeter: 90cm

Bust perimeter: 93cm

Bust perimeter – Band perimeter = Cup size

93cm – 90cm = 3cm

The difference between bust and band perimeter is 3cm, so, according to the information given below, the letter of cup size in this example is C. This means that your size of bra in Europe is 90C (band size + letter of size cup).

Find your cup size in the next list:

Difference between bust and band   perimeter

Letter of cup size

Less than 1cm












If you know the size of bra in your country, you should convert, of course. A good site to make it is the 85B (here), a international bra size converter.

Some important tips:

1. To the bras last longer, don’t use the same two followed days. In this way, the elastic of bra don’t have time to “recover” the use

2. A right bra supports 90% the weight of breasts with their structure and around chest, and only 10% with the straps

3. The breasts are asymmetric (the normal is the left breast be biggest than the right breast). In this way, you should choose the bra size according to breast size greater

4. Comparing size tables from different brands

5. If you have a big bust, opt for buy bras with reinforced seams to accommodate and support better your breasts

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