How to Walk in High Heels

How to Walk in High Heels – The high heels are a basic element in any women’s closet, but not all women know how to walk with them. However, there are some tips to complete this mission with success.

How to walk in high heels
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First time on high heels
The big secret to be great successful in this matter is the height of the heels. You should choose a small heel to start and when you get more experienced, you can increase the height of the heel. The best types of heels, no doubt, are the wedges or broad heels.

Some important secrets

  • The shoes have to be to thy measure, not too loose and not too tight
  • Look where you’re walking: may run the risk to stay buried in deep tread
  • When you go down or go up stairs, you should support in the railing. That doesn’t make you feel older!  You just support yourself for not to fall
  • Don’t wear high heels every day. You should changing every day the footwear: one day flat shoes, high heels in another
  • Swing your arms as you walk can be a great help. Besides adding extra balance, your walk will look more elegant and safe
  • If you drive, in this time you should exchange heels shoes for ballerinas or flats shoes: you’ll see that you’ll have a better driving
  • To make sure that the heels don’t slip on any surface, use them first at home
  • If you are a dancer, choose sandals with cuban heel and straps on. In this way, you’ll avoid that your buddies don’t escape from your feet

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