Different Type of Eyes and Eyeshadow

Different Type of Eyes and Eyeshadow – Without doubt an eyeshadow makes all the difference in your appearance, highlighting your own beauty, your look. But, like everything else, you should make the best choice to highlight your beauty, to shine and spread it.

Different Type of Eyes and Eyeshadow 1

Green eyes – The color of hope: green! If you have these beautiful and hopeful eyes, you must use the brown, lilac, violet, copper and grey shades. They highlight your eyes much better than other colors.

Blue eyes – The color of the sea, snow and sky: blue. To highlight this small sea, use and abuse the colors with yellow pigments, for example, the golden, bronze, brown and dark shades, to give greater depth and intensity to the look.

Grey eyes – This color is very rare to appear, but if you are the lucky one who has this fantastic color, you should choose the black, blue and graphite tones.

Dark eyes – The Mediterranean people have dark eyes, typical of that region. This color combines very well with all shades, but you should pay attention to the black eyeshadow: do not abuse of it or you will look like a panda.

How to apply the eyeshadow

Exist many techniques to apply the eyeshadow and make one optical illusion, you only have to look at your eyes and see the best technique for them.

Almond eyes – Considered to have “perfect” proportions, any eye technique will work well.

Close set eyes – Eyes narrower than one eye width are regarded as close set. Use light colors on the inner corners and go around the outer corners using dark colors.

Down turned eyes – The focus for this eyes shape is to shade “up and out”. Apply eyeliner close to the upper lashes line and blend eyeshadow along the socket line the outer 2/3 of the eyes. Curling lashes and applies extra volume mascara; this can help to “lift” the eyes.

Deep set eyes – The eyes are deep into the socket with small mobile eyelid. Apply light colors on the mobile eyelid with a dark color on and just above the socket line, bleeding up and out.

Hooded eyes – A fold of skin hangs over the socket line. This happens with age. Use matte colors in medium to dark tone and keep eye makeup simple.

Asian eyes – These eyes are generally almond shaped eyes only smaller in size and with very little hood. You should use light eyeshadow from the eyelid up to the brows, apply one medium eyeshadow tone in the crease area and one dark tone into the outer corner of the eye.

Protruding eyes – They called prominent eyes because gives an appearance of being “convex” in shape and appear to be bulging out.

To reducing the “bulge” and to make the eye appear to recedes a little bit more into the face, you should apply dark eyeshadow all over the eyelid, apply one highlighter tone under the eyebrow and use a lighter eyeshadow tone on the eyebrow bone.

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