The Glint Of Glitter And The Shine Of Shimmer- Metallic Eyeshadow- A Summer Trend

When it comes to making a statement with your makeup, it has almost always been either the lips or the eyes. With red lips and pop shades being done to death, the time has come to go back to the 90’s and embrace the metallic shades of glitter and shimmer. Yes! the rage of metallic eye shadow is back this season and the best way to sport the trend this summer is to go natural except for the eyes.collage of metFlaunting clean, clear skin with blossom-kissed cheeks and nude lips will bring all the attention to the hint of shimmer in the metallic eye shadow adorning your eyes. Go dramatic with smoky eyes in metallic hues to create a mystical aura around you- a look perfect for the evenings out.

When you think of metallic, it is always bronze, silver or gold that comes to the mind, but with the fashion frenzy surrounding us, limiting ourselves to just these shades sounds dull and boring. with metallic hues of copper, navy, lilac and all kinds of jeweled tones like emerald green and ruby red, creating a look that suits you best can be a lot of fun.


If balancing your look is worrying you then highlight your eyes and put nude lip shades on your lips, but if you have a dramatic flare and love to experiment with your looks, then we suggest an amalgamation of the two hottest trends this season- a bold red or maroon lip color with a gold toned smoky eye shadow.

Tips on wearing the metallic eyeshadow:-


During the day: –

while most people opt for metallic eye shadows during the night, they can be worked during the day as well. a subtle gold shade or a shimmery copper eye shadow with a layer of black mascara to open up your eyes and glossy lips can help you get just the right kind of glint without going out of your comfort zone.


During the night: –

 Quintessentially used during the night, metallic eye shadows are all the rage for a night out, but the best way to sport this look is to go for smoky eyes using metallic shades in jewelled tones for a dramatically mystic look. put loads of mascara, a tawny blush and lip balm to finish the look.

Trending This Summer: –


  • Finishing bold metallic navy blue base with a gold dust will give ‘a fairy tale in the midnight’ kind of appeal to your personality. Gold pigments with a navy base are trending this summer in many stunning combinations.


  • With winged eyeliner having been done to death, try using metallic eye shadows to create an abstract look. Speckled dots over the eyelids with metallic eye shadow are sure to grab eyeballs.

Breaking the fresh face facade this Summer, go for the ultimate glint with metallic eye shadows as women are made to love all things shiny!

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  1. Yep, I really like the hint of glimmer on my eyelids. Adds a spring to my step every time I step out in it 🙂

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