Red lipsticks for everybody

Surely you’ve seen different tones of red lipsticks, some more orange, others in lighter tones, but… Do you know the best type of red lipstick tone for you? If you don’t know, today I say to you the best tone, to highlight your own and incredible beauty.

A little story about the lipstick…

The ancient Mesopotamian women were possibly the first women to invent and wear lipstick. They crushed the gemstones and used to decorate her lips. Currently, the lipsticks are made of pigments, moisturizing oils, waxes and emollients that applies color, texture and gives sun protection to lips.

So, if you want know the best tone of red lipstick, check my tips below:

Fair complexion: The best tones for highlight your fair skin without doubts are all of orange tones.

Dark complexion: The tones of intense red and vibrant are very sexy to give a sensual air to your final look.

Black complexion: The women which have dark complexion should choose the wine/dark red tones

The texture has influence in the aspect of your lips. For example, If you have thick lips, you should use darkest tones and don’t use lip gloss because it gives shine to your lips and they look bigger. If you have thin lips, you should use and abuse of lip glosses, they give shine and volume to your lips.

Now, another doubt of all women: How to use red lipsticks?

It’s very easy; you should pay attention to the colors you use in your makeup. In this case, if you want use one red lipstick, you should be careful, because when you use red lipsticks, you divert attentions to your lips, so you need to choose light shades to harmonize your final look and look like a queen. Choose the white and light browns eye shadows, they’re very good to complete your look, use a mascara to open your look and feel sexy without problems.

Ladies, do you like red lipsticks or not? Tell me everything in your comments below!


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