Small trick to one luxury make up

Small trick to one luxury make up – For sure you had the opportunity to see many celebrities with luxury make up, their skins shining and very illuminated, but the big question is: How can I recreate this incredible and shining make up? I’m very friendly, so I decided to say to you the big trick to one Hollywood make up, it’s very simple, you only have to have one illuminator and follow my tips to stunning, wherever you go.

Small trick to one luxury make up 1

Increase your look: Apply under the eyebrows or, if you have small eyes, apply into the inner canthus.

Tune your nose: Many people have large noses and they don’t like it. So, to have one thinner nose, apply the illuminator in your nose bone, thus, when the light focused at this point, all attention will centralize in it, giving the illusion of one thinner nose.

Luxury skin: All celebrities use this trick to looks more luxury and stunning. It’s simple: makes one inverted C in cheekbones bone, towards the temples. If you want increasing the cheeks, put illuminator like blush or, if you want to hide, apply only on the bone of the cheekbones.

Sensual lips: Oh yeah, the people who have small lips surely will like this tip! For plumper lips, apply a small amount of illuminator on the bow of Cupid.

Tune your face: If you have one rounded face and want tune it, don’t use Photoshop anymore, it’s unnecessary! Use only the trick I give to you: apply illuminator in your T zone (forehead, nose and chin), but only if you don’t have large chin and maxillary.

Tricks to apply perfectly the illuminator:

  • Apply after the foundation, blush and the corrector
  • Apply the illuminator in illuminated zones and turn the head at various angles to see if the final result looks too artificial or natural
  • If you want to use the grey illuminator, use as eyeshadow to not fall into the mistake of getting the make up too artificial.

Exist many types of illuminator: since pigments to liquid. You can find this illuminator in many shops of cosmetics, drug stores, supermarkets and in other places that sell cosmetics. Exist different colors of illuminator too: since the lovely pink, golden glitter to the dramatic silver, you only choose the best color for your complexion and, of course, the most practical to you use.

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