Types of Skin – Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin –

As I’ve already said here, it’s very important to have a careful daily skin routine to appear with a radiant skin and look like a Hollywood star without Photoshop.

A sensitive skin is a type of skin which presents a weakness in the layer of the cornea, being hyperreactive to the products. The external actions (sun, wind, the pollution, use in excess of wrong cosmetics, etc) are more felt by people who have this type of skin than by the others. In this way, it’s important to know the type of products appropriate to your skin and use them in your daily skin routine.

Sensitive Skin

You should stay away…
You should stay away of the products containing preservatives, perfumes, avobenzone, formaldehyde, benzoic acid and other chemical substances, since these elements will cause an irritant reaction to the skin.


Skin’s best friends
Your beauty products should have sunscreen with active zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, since such substances are inorganic and less irritating compared to organics. You should choose products with soothing agents as chamomile and azulene, as well as the thermal water.


Make up
The best type of make up to be used is, without doubt, the make up which presents minerals in their composition.


Your daily routine should be in this way:

  1. Clean your face with products without rinsing, since this type of cosmetics are best for those who have this type of skin, known for cleansing milks
  2. Toning the skin with a specific lotion for sensitive skin, in order to remove the last traces of makeup and to prevent puckering sensations
  3. Moisturize the skin with a specifically cream and then, apply sunscreen. At night, repeat the cleaning process and toning, followed after hydration with a cream to the redness
  4. To remove the make up, the ideal product is the milk cleanser
  5. It should also take care with the area around the eyes with, one more time, a cream suitable for this type of skin
  6. In this type of skin is not necessary to use abrasive exfoliation or peelings weekly


If you follow these tips, you will look for sure more stunning and comfortable with your skin. Take care of it and your beauty will have more brightness than before!


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