Types of Skin

Types of Skin –

One of many dreams all women is have one perfect and natural skin, look like many models in issues of magazines. Sometimes it’s a one impossible mission, but with the right products and one rigorous daily skin routine, isn’t only one dream.

The first step to understand what your skin needs is knowing your skin type. Don’t worry, this process it’s easy and fast.

Wash your face with lukewarm water and wait 3 hours. Don’t use exfoliating or any cosmetic product, only the lukewarm water. After 3 hours, look at the mirror and see the appearance of your skin.

Types of Skin 1

Depending on the appearance, you can sort your skin as:

Sensitive skin –

The sensitive skin is one type of skin very dry, becomes inflamed and irritated easily with the atmosphere conditions or cosmetics products. The sensitive skin develops reddish and scaly areas. It is the most fragile and problematic type of skin, which needs one special type of skin routine.

Dry skin –

Your face looks dry, without brightness, can easily develop a sallow tone, many long-term wrinkles, fine pores and it is very prone to irritating reactions of cosmetics products. Your skin needs one special moisturizing care.

Normal skin –

If your skin belongs to normal type, the tissue will not reveal any traces of excessive oil. Your skin looks vibrant, elastic and supple. The normal skin isn’t one problematic type of skin.

Combination skin-

Your skin has traces of oil in the nose and forehead, but is normal in the cheeks and around the eyes. This type of skin is one mix of dry and oily skin, so, requires different cares in relation to particular areas of the face.

Oily skin –

Your skin is very oily in all areas. This type of skin is problematic – usually looks greasy, thick, very shiny (has natural oiliness in excess), has enlarged pores and tends to appears acne. One good thing: The oily skin isn’t prone to wrinkles, but, takes care with your skin.

In all cases, it’s very important to have one rigorous and adequate skin routine daily. In the next articles, I will speak more about the specific cares and routines and of each type of skin, as well as tips to one perfect and radiant skin without Photoshop or programs of image editing.

What is your type of skin? You have problem to care it? Tell me everything in the comments below!

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