Wear glasses with style

Many people worldwide have vision problems, wearing glasses instead contact lenses. When uses glasses, all attentions are diverted to the face, therefore, is necessary take care with the face. Exists some makeup tips to transform your image and look stylish with your glasses without any problem. Check all in this post and, give me your opinion in comments below.

Wear glasses with style

  • When you go to buy your glasses, use the habitual makeup. So you can see how the glasses are in a normal situation of your quotidian
  • Take into account the colours that are present in your closet, so the frame does not get out of balance with clothing
  • As to the shape of the lens, the more round is your face, over the lens should be square and vice versa

Who has myopia (difficulty seeing far away), corrective lenses (diverging lens) produce an illusion that the eyes are small.

• To give an illusion that they are bigger, you should use khol pencil / eyeliner on the bottom eye, they allow to open the look Who has hyperopia (difficulty seeing up close), corrective lenses (converging lens) produce an illusion that the eyes are large, deforming them.

• To correct this illusion, you should use pastel / discreet makeup, to lessen the importance of Iris

• You can also blending, since we do not abuse traits

• The type of mascara to use, should be the only mascara that gives volume as well stand out better from behind the lenses, without the lashes getting to touch the lens

• For lips, prefers lipsticks / gloss in nude tones, not to overload too much makeup

If you use…

Coloured frame You should not use the same color shadow to your frame or you will look like a clown, use neutral tone such as grays or browns to balance the look. Use khôl pencil in nude/brown tones.

Neutral frame Use and abuse of coloured eyeshadows, but in moderation or you will look strange. If you prefer detach the eyes, use nude lipglosses/lipsticks.

What are your make up tips? You wear glasses? Tell me your opinion in comment below!

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