Oh My Sweet Lingerie…

Every women loves to feel sexy, powerful and beautiful with themselves. Of course, one careful skin routine, one careful look and care with body helps to any woman feel better with herself but it isn’t the only thing: pretty lingerie makes miracles to self-esteem of anybody and, when choosing correctly, makes the difference on final look, shapes better the female silhouette. We should have five bras for different occasions, to gives the correct support to bust.


For example, if you use dark clothing, you should choose one dark bra, without patterns if you use transparent clothing. When you use clear clothing, choose one white/beige, avoiding fade the color of the bra.

All women love t-shirts because they’re very comfortable but fashion at the same time. So, to have a sensual neckline, you should choose the right bra to the effect.  To “V” necklines choose the push-up bras; it’s perfect if you have small breasts or the bandeau bras. To “U” necklines choose the balconette or bandeaus bras; they’re the best types of bras to give the correct support to bust.

When you use bandeau tops, you should choose one bandeau or multifunction bra too; isn’t pretty see the handles of bra when you use these types of tops.

Now, one important topic: the sport bras. When you run, you should have a good support to bust, to be not very strong impact. You should one sport bra depending on physical activity and control of breasts: yoga, walking and gardening require only low control; bicycling, power walking and hiking require moderate control; tennis, soccer and jogging requires firm control; and running, intense workouts, boxing and horseback riding requires maximum control.

Exists to different sport bras in stores: fashions, more simple, without frames, with frames…  You only choose the best and more beautiful bra for you.


And you ladies, what is your favorite type of bra?

Joana Freitas - Fashion Blogger from Portugal

Fashion student and Fashion Blogger from Portugal - In future I want be stylist. I love fashionable clothes, shopping and photography. My Fashion Blog ***http://modaestyle.blogs.sapo.pt/***

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