Plus Size: Be proud in your curves!

Plus Size: Be proud in your curves! –

The fashion plus size (how to our American friends call) it is dedicated to all women who have the proportions outside of conventional patterns of the fashion society, adopted by many shops in the world. The plus sizes were won more value in last decades, having already adopted and raised several shops dedicated lines to plus sizes.

Plus Size: Be proud in your curves! 1
The fantastic plus size model Tara Lynn at some works she did

You’re fantastic, never doubt this! To one amazing figure and highlight your own beauty, you should follow some tips I will give below.


To highlight your arms, you should always choose pieces with sleeves (It isn’t necessary long sleeves), in particular the bat sleeves, that do not pull at the time of moving.

Jeans time

All women like a lot the basic jeans (or not), right? Maybe because these piece it’s a good option to one casual look or one night out with friends. In the shopping time you should choose dark jeans, they’re a good friend to disguise small fats in your thighs.

High heels

Powerful women: Who don’t like? And let’s be honest: one woman in high heels looks more sexy and confident about herself. If you like high heels, you should choose according to their weight: As more plump, more thickly must be the heel.

Color palette

Of course, the darkest colors are the more indicated to disguise your fat but isn’t necessary to wear black since head to feet! You should invest in little colored points, diverting attention to you most like about your body. To disguise the fats, you must use and abuse, for example, of colors as brown, grey, purple, dark green, navy and use light colors to highlight the best of you body!

Tunics + Leggings

One basic but perfect combination to curvy women, in special to disguise your trunk and the small fats. Use one colored tunic with dark leggings.

Pay attention: You must choose your exact size, because: if you choose one large size, you lose all curves and forms, if you choose a small size, will score more the fat.

The magic accessories

The main objective is to disguise and define the silhouette, right? So, you should bet in maxi bags. Don’t use belts in the waist; they show more fat in the waist area, something that is not wanted, is not it?


If you are addicted to patterns, you should choose the patterns with dark background and small drawing. Other important tip is use one pattern piece, in the leanest part of body and one basic piece in the part of body with more fat.

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