Rounded Type Body

Rounded Type Body:

This is the last post about the types of body, specifically the rounded shape, which have proportional bust, waist and hips. If you know what type of body you are, you can check this post to know more about that.

In first place, you should have self-esteem because beauty is not taken measures but made of attitude and personality. So, focus on it firstly. After it, take into account the tips that I will give to you, in order to help you highlighting your silhouette and curves.

Rounded Type Body 1

Choosing boot cut jeans with high waist to disguise the volume of your waist and hips, tuning them. You will see that will look amazing! If you are skirt addicted, try to wear a pencil skirt like Marylyn Monroe did and feel the power of it.

In relation to dresses, choose the ones which are adjusted on the waist to evidence it, harmonizing all the appearance. Invest in shirts and in the combination of tunics + leggings, because this is an infallible tip to disguise all the extra fats of the hips and waist.

Is the accessories time! Choose the XL bags to divert all the attentions of the problematic areas. The same to maxi necklaces and other type of accessories that divert all the attentions but take care! Use one at a time.

Finally, another tip: prefer a thick high heel to support better your weight and tuning your appearance: the heavier you are, the thicker must be the high heels.

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