Types of Sexy Summer Laces

Being such a delicately feminine pattern, Lace is the most beautiful texture to incorporate in your wardrobe this Summer! Different types of Sexy Summer Laces available in Fashion Market.


For people who think that lace is antiquated, we’ve got news. Since lace is such a timeless piece of pattern, there are a number of ways to pull off this cute-sy trend without looking like you stepped out of a 1950’s catalog. All you need is the eye of a Fashionista and a pinch of creativity and you can revamp your look with this intimate piece of clothing in a jiffy.

Here are a few classic ways to go chic with lace:-

lace dresses spring summer 2012 trend affordable

  • Westerns Lace Trend

It is said that old is gold and when it comes to fashion, vintage trumps just about everything. What can be more vintage than a lace dress? Immortalized by Hollywood actresses in movies like Princess Diaries, lacy dresses are synonymous with royalty. I mean, who can forget Kate Middleton’s lace- sleeved gowns?


  •  Indian lace costume trend

Suiting not just the Western looks, laces have been glamorized by our Bollywood Divas too! Whether it is sarees, anarkaliks or lehengas, the flowy sheer texture of lace has the power to glam up any outfit.

short cardigan with lace top

  • Casual Lace trend

If you are not a fan of dresses, and sarees are too formal for your taste, you can incorporate lace in your casual look as well. Opt for a summery lacy top and pair it with a pair of denim cut offs. you can even pair a lacy top with skinny jeans or a pencil skirt.


  •  Accessories Lace Trend

Lace accessories are something that are beyond age. From functional vintage bows for your cute little girl to lacy bracelets, scarves and hankies for the adults, lace patterns are a trend that can be enjoyed by everyone.

For all you DIY queens who love to experiment and create new looks at home, here are a few DIY ways to incorporate lace in your everyday gear:-


  •  DIY Lace Shorts:-

 The simplest and chic-est way to wear lace this summer is to add it to your denim cut-offs. Everyone loves to wear denim shorts with vests in the summer and adding vintage lace to the sides of your denim shorts and creating a peek-a-boo look is the best way to take a classic look to a new level.


  • DIY Lacy Jeans:-

The best way to re-vamp your old tattered jeans is to sew a lacy bow on one of the back pockets of the jeans. Casual yet subtly sexy, this fashion statement will make you the talk of the town.


  • DIY Lace Headbands:-

The best way to beat the heat in summers is to pull your hair up, not let it loose! And what better way to do it than with lacy headbands. Fashionable and functional is the mantra this season.


  • DIY Lace Details to Sauce Up Your Look:-

Add lace pockets, lace collars or lace cuffs to your everyday skirt or shirt and create a stunningly petite look.

With a little bit of creativity you can add a lot of fun to your summer wardrobe with sexy lace patterns. So, if you don’t have it in your wardrobe, we suggest you go and pick up one to class up your look!

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